2022 Placencia Lobsterfest!! A Fantastic Day Out

Drawing crowds from across the country, the Placencia Lobsterfest was held on July 16th and 17th fulfilling every foodie’s craving for a seafood fete and fresh caught spiny lobster.

The night before the weekend activities are just the warm up, but you can ease into the fun thanks to the local restaurants and bars. Featured DJs, special menus and any other promotion to take advantage of the influx of guests during a traditionally slow tourism season.


This year, the Placencia Lobsterfest was held on the beach boardwalk at the village and what a fun day we had.

lobsterfest sign

We arrived at around 2:00 pm and the festivities were well underway

Lobsterfest people

with lots of food booths (all lobster-related, of course), beer tents and local businesses displaying their wares from pottery to art made with bottletops, vegan food and zucchini salsa.

Everybody was out enjoying the day and the food.

First stop – homemade blackberry wine and … cashew wine? Cashew wine is not made from cashew nuts, but from cashew apples.

Lobsterfest wine

After tasting a sample of both, we bought two small bottles. I learned they are based in Crooked Tree Village which is about an hour or so from the capital, Belmopan, and a looong way from Placencia. I asked him how I would get more of his delicious wine and he told me to order through his website and he’ll “put it on the bus.” 😂 He’ll arrange with the bus driver where to meet me to collect my goods. Haha! I love it.


Both were delicious! The cashew wine tasted very similar to sherry.


There was every kind of lobster you could think of – lobster burritos

lobster burrito

lobster sushi

Lobsterfest food sushi

lobster springrolls, lobster fajitas

lobster springrolls

lobster rolls (I had these)

Lobsterfest lobster rolls

lobster kebabs, lobster tail


and then, of course, lobster in the shell dripping with butter – yum.

And the booths. So many beautiful things made by local artisans.

Pretty jewelry

Lobsterfest jewelry booth

Exquisite paintings of fishermen

Lobsterfest artists

vibrant wildlife

This one gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “sun’s out, bums out!”

Lobsterfest painting suns out bums out

Wood carvings

Lobsterfest wood carving booth


Lobsterfest hammocks booth

and so much more.

After buying our lobster rolls, we stopped at the beer tent for ice cold beer (popular place)

Lobsterfest beer booth

and listened to the amazing steel drum band

Lobsterfest steel drum band

There was dancing – you couldn’t help it!

Placencia really dives deep into the participation of attendees with a roster of mini events too, including

  • Game for kids
  • Belikin beer drinking contest
  • Biggest lobstah’ competition
  • Lionfish tournament
  • Mr. & Ms. Physique
  • Tug-o-War
  • Tipsy Tuna toss
  • Hot spicey wings eating contest
  • Kayak racing
  • Placencia Lobsterfest Classics
  • Throw the cast net – A Placencia Lobsterfest original. Throw the cast net over the sand and try to scoop up a schilling!
  • Reel in the kayak – That’s right! Grab a fishing rod and reel in a kayak with one person on board to shore!
  • Fly fishing on the beach – Throw your fly fishing rod and land your fly in the center of a circle drawn in the sand. If you can do this, you are a real champ!

Not to mention a full-on day fishing tournament too.

Placencia 1

A really good day and something we’re definitely not going to miss next year!

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  1. Wowzers! I want one of them lobster tails! They are huge! What a gem of a place you have discovered! Just up my alley!
    Love the unique wine. I think I would have to try a few things there. Enjoy your time!😊

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