5 Reasons to Visit Belize in September

Despite it being Belize’s low tourism season, September is the most anticipated month of the year. September in Belize comes alive in the form of Independence Parades, colourful carnivals and a patriotic vibe that sweeps throughout the country for it’s birthday month. This September markets the 41st anniversary of Belize gaining it’s independence from Britain and the first time in 2 years that they’ve been able to celebrate, so it should be especially revelrous.

Belize offers the perfect opportunity to kick back and relax for the last days of summer. Here’s 5 reasons why you should visit Belize in September.

Belize at 41

The Weather

Belize’s rainy season runs from June to November, but summer storms and showers occur mainly at night and early morning and don’t usually last for more than a few hours. In September, the humidity can be more intense with temperatures rising to the 90s F (30s C). The balmy weather offers plenty of opportunities to spend time in the sea or go island hopping to Belize’s many beautiful islands. Now would be the perfect time to book that private island getaway like hotels and resorts in Placencia to choose from.

Holidays and Festivals

Festivities commemorate the Battle of St George Caye on September 10 and Independence Day on September 21. 

The Battle of St. George’s Caye dates back to 1798 from September 3 to 10. The Baymen, British woodcutters, and the Spaniards fought relentlessly off the coast of Belize in order to gain control of the once settlement, British Honduras. On the final battle, September 10, the Baymen defeated the Spaniards and established the settlement to be a colony of Great Britain. Presently, the 10 of September is now celebrated as the Battle of St. George’s Caye Day – a national public and bank holiday. On this day, parades are usually held in towns, villages and cities to commemorate the battle fought by their forefathers.

st georges day

The people of Belize celebrate this month carnival style with parades, vibrant costumes, dancing, music and jam-packed revelry – a time that lasts close to three weeks! September is a wonderful month to visit and immerse into Belizean culture.

September’s Not Yet High Season For Tourism

September comes just before the tropical vacation season begins in earnest, meaning things are just a bit more laid back. Popular ancient Maya sites, beaches and other attractions are less populated which makes it a perfect getaway if you don’t like crowds. It’s a relaxed time to get to know the locals and take time discovering new parts of this amazingly rich and diverse country.


A More Personal Experience

With most Belizeans not thinking of entertaining tourists, you get the opportunity to see the people of this country the way they are. And that means a higher likelihood of discovering the hidden local spots. And considering the diversity of cultures here, there’s a lot worth exploring.

Cheaper Accommodation

Being the off, you can save hundreds on hotels and packages by visiting in September. Deals are available this time of year on everything from resort packages to tours to flights.


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