A Lovely New Bar & Grill and – Hurricane Lisa

Last week, we heard about a new Beach Bar and Grill (my three favourite words) that had opened in the village of Seine Bight. Seine Bight is a small village about a 15 minute drive from Placencia, but it feels like a world away from this popular tourist destination. Many local Belizeans who work in Placencia, live in Seine Bight.

seine bight

Seine Bight’s original inhabitants were the ancient Maya who established a trading settlement on the shores of both bodies of water. Pirates discovered this hideaway on the beach in the 17th century, later using it as a trading post for stolen loot for many years.

But I digress.

We had heard about Malula’s Beach Bar and Grill and knew we had to give it a try.

mulalas sign main

Malula’s is on the outskirts of Seine Bight at the end of a nondescript residential road

mulalas road

At the end of this short, bumpy ride, we were greeted with this lovely view

Mulala view

I find that the simplest of local eateries tends to serve some of the best food, and this was no exception.

mulalas entrance

There was a variety of seating available – tables and chairs for a crowd,

various bar stools facing either the bar or the beach, whichever you prefer.

Or you can relax on the picnic tables or a beach lounger

We ordered drinks

mulalas sign

and shrimp quesadillas. These were so good that I ate all of mine before I thought to get a photo! Fortunately, my friend hadn’t eaten all of his quite so fast!

mulalas food

More people arrived and joined in the conversation. It was a very pleasant way to spend an afternoon and we’re definitely coming back here again.

mulalas view2

About three weeks ago, I wrote a post about Hurricane Julia heading straight for us and then diverting at the last minute. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be hurricane shopping. But this week, my “never in my wildest dreams” moment became actually experiencing one.

A few days ago, we started paying attention to Tropical Storm Lisa who looked like she was headed straight for Belize. By Monday afternoon, the Hurricane Centre were confident that she would become a category 1 hurricane by Wednesday.

2022 10 30 19.13.07

Preparations began. Water – I also filled up buckets, jugs, the kettle, the coffee carafe.

2022 10 31 09.13.46

Canned foods

Don’t forget the wine!

2022 10 31 09.30.02

Suitcase with clothes, documents, photos – items of value and sentimental value.

2022 10 31 09.24.46

Pet carriers all ready to go

2022 11 01 08.56.46

My neighbours and I (there are 3 of us in our building) agreed that we would go to the apartment upstairs. We’re fairly near the beach and the likelyhood of flooding is quite high. So I put together towels and sheets to take upstairs. I also agreed to take my neighbour’s two dogs as they have nowhere suitable to keep them.

2022 11 01 08.59.34

The windows are all boarded up

and my plants and outdoor chairs are inside.

I’m as ready and I’ll ever be. Landfall is supposed to be tomorrow afternoon. See you on the other side.

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