Exploring Pretty Placencia, A New Kitten and … Sand Flies!

So much has happened during our first week in Placencia. We’ve met some awesome people who have been a constant source of information as to how things work here – where to find the best bread, where to find the best juice – there’s a man who rides around on a trike with a cooler on the back filled with juice that he makes himself – and it’s delicious! Once you connect with him, he stops by your house with the juice you like.

juice guy

We were lucky enough to see him in the village today and we bought some juice – cucumber-ginger and watermelon. It was very yummy indeed. US$1.50 a bottle.


We get beautiful, fresh produce from a fruit and vegetable stand about a ten minute walk from where we live.

It doesn’t last long in this heat, so we stop by every few days. Because it’s fresh every day, the fruit is so juicy and full of flavour and has become part of our breakfast every morning.

We’ve been doing lots of walking (we don’t have any transport yet) around the village and the famous Placencia Sidewalk. Today we started at the beginning – the Placencia sign.


So many flamboyant and mango trees everywhere. And the flowers

The local rum is evident everywhere

We came across a coffee shop and decided it was time for refreshment

coffee shop sign

Inside is this sign reminding us to check our energy

coffee shop good vibes sign

I choose a peach iced tea. You have a choice as to whether you’d like sugar or no sugar in your iced tea. I opted for no sugar. It was refreshing and delicious. Michael chose a coffee caramel frappe. I didn’t get a photo of it, but he told me that it was creamier than the ones we got in Canada.

iced tea

We sat on a bench in the shade and drank our drinks

path to the beach

A little further down, we spot this sign.

barefoot bar sign

We were getting hungry and hot – I think we were the only people silly enough to venture out in the midday sun! We went in for lunch (and a stiff drink, of course)

barefoot bar

Beers were half price, so Michael ordered two 😂

michael and beer

and I had a Seabreeze – Rum, Grapefruit juice and Cranberry juice.


As with Gran Canaria, I noticed the bar tender didn’t measure the rum before pouring it into my glass. She simply sloshed a good amount (it looked like half the glass) into my glass and then filled up the rest with cranberry juice with a dash of grapefruit juice.

More reminders of local rum adorned the wall

barefoot bar titty rum sign

and these decorations of bare feet. Don’t you just love the lamp shades?

barefoot bar feet

The breeze was lovely and cool, so we stayed a while.

barfoot bar view

Continuing on, we came across this store selling earrings and other jewelry made out of conch shells


Really pretty. And these skulls and other carved items


And then an art shop, but it was closed so we couldn’t go inside.

Art and soul gallery

There are lots of places to stay along this section

Placencia sidewlk

From guest houses to suites, hotels and cabanas

Pink house

all of them looking very inviting and relaxing, especially when the beach is just steps away


There’s even a hostel. I had to read this sign a few times before I understood what it meant 🤣 Read the bottom line too!

Anda de hows

I’m not sure if the hostel really is “anda di hows.”

Presently, we came to a sign that said “Tiki Bar – follow the path.” So, follow the path we did

path to tiki bar

Where we ordered a beer and a Seabreeze. It looks a little different from the one at the Barefoot Bar, but it was just as delicious. However, twice as expensive, so we crossed it off our list of watering holes.

tiki drink

We enjoyed the view all the same, and the beautiful cool breeze.

another day in paradise

Not long after that we came to the section of the sidewalk where most of the shops are

tipsy strip

Another art gallery, lots of shops of all kinds – souvenirs, clothes, tattoos and more.

On the way home, we came across this guy, who stopped and posed long enough for me to take a photo


and then we spotted the local fire truck, aptly named “hose wagon.”

hose wagon

In an effort to meet people we took a stroll last night down to another bar where the expats hang out – The Pickled Parrot

pickled parrot1

They advertised live music, so we went to check it out.

Pickled parrot

A lovely thatched building surrounded by trees – very cool and inviting. And meet people we did! Everyone was very welcoming and friendly and we got chatting to some people who I know will become good friends. The singer was great as was the food. All in all a good evening. Our new-found friends even gave us a lift home in their golf cart! I discovered they live within walking distance to us.

We’ve only been here a week and I’ve already taken in a stray cat!


She was found by my landlady and had what appeared to be nail wounds in her front paws! It never fails to amaze me that people can be so cruel to innocent animals. She needed a home and I couldn’t say no. She’s settled in really well and is quite a character. Of course, there were a couple of noses out of joint with the two black cats, but everyone settled down after a few days.


And lastly – a not-so-nice side to living in Placencia – sand flies!! These tiny little buggers swarm around me first thing in the morning and then at dusk, just when we’re settling down to a sundowner drink. They’re minute, but pack a bite that itches like crazy and makes me look like I have chicken pox!

sand flies scaled e1657494090538

Fortunately, there’s an easy solution – oil! I have coconut oil, so I slather my arms and legs with morning and night and … no more sand flies.

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