Beautiful September in Placencia, Belize

September is turning out to be beautiful, so far. We’re still experiencing stormy and rainy nights, but the days, for the most part, have been lovely. Very humid still, which is why we spend most afternoons at the beach.

Last Saturday, we had a girl’s day out. We hit the markets for clothes, got our hair done and drank Pineapple Margaritas. Really fun. The next fun evening is planned for September 17th at The Little Wine Bar. Four or five ladies celebrating a couple of birthdays (including my 60th!) – wine, charcuterie … I can’t wait!


We had another fun evening on Saturday – another fund-raiser at Doyle’s Smoke Yaad & Catering, called Lil Lobsterfiesta. It was a beautiful September evening, and they have a lovely spot right on the lagoon.

There was live music by Karl Lovell, The Persuaders

2022 09 03 15.59.19

and the lovely Melonie Gillet

2022 09 03 17.39.49

Lots of dancing

2022 09 03 16.40.44


face painting and candy floss

and really good food

Abby, our rescue pup, come so far since I first got her just over 2 weeks ago. She’s gone from a frightened, sad little dog, to a happy and enthusiastic one. She loves the beach, and spends her time there exploring everything, making new friends, and relaxing.

Meanwhile, at home she wants to chew everything, so she’s given lots of toys and bones to save my shoes and other household items!

2022 09 02 06.51.16

Lucy is loving life and spends her days sloshing around in the puddles next door (she comes home muddy and soaking wet) chasing birds, ‘playing’ with the neighbour’s cat and keeping cool any way she can.

We have a stray that shows up for food. I must have a sign somewhere that says “cats fed here.” He used to eat and run, but now he lingers for a while in the mornings. We’re going to get him neutered next week as he’s a little aggressive towards my two cats.

2022 09 05 05.56.24

Maggie and Lucy express their displeasure with this arrangement with loud hisses and growls.

I’ll end this post with some beautiful flowers I came across on my walk this lovely September morning.

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