Hot, Hot, Hot, Trying New Restaurants and a Budding Friendship

This week been unbearably hot and still – like a sauna. No breeze and humidity levels of almost 100%. The only thing to do is immerse ourselves in some type of water. Tipsy Tuna, being right on the beach, provides a lovely breeze and, if you buy drinks and/or food, you can have the use of their loungers and picnic tables and swim in the sea in between margaritas. Perfect! We took Abby with us who was delighted after spending too many days at home. We waded in up to our chests and stayed there for an hour or so.

2022 10 17 07.35.16

Finally, on Thursday, the heat let up, the days became cooler and the breeze came back. We walked into the village and had fruit juice and a bagel at Above Grounds Coffee House .

above grounds

Really good bagel and I love how the cream cheese came in a little espresso cup.


After that we were on our way to Clive’s Fruit & Vegetable stand when we spotted Cosy Corner’s breakfast menu and decided to stop in.

cosy corner

There we found beautiful decor and friendly staff

cosy corner dining

I immediately ordered a mimosa (hey, this is Belize, it’s allowed!) and a lovely fruit plate – something light on top of the bagel. Michael had the same except a beer instead of a mimosa.

2022 10 20 10.15.50

This was our view as we chatted to, Jenny, the owner, who gave us the history of Cosy Corner, now on it’s 47th year! It started off as a tiny little place with picnic tables wrapped around the coconut trees. Today, it’s a hotel with cabanas, suites and a 2 bedroomed holiday apartment, and the restaurant and bar. They also rent out golf carts and vehicles.

2022 10 20 10.05.27

Very relaxing

2022 10 20 10.05.21

On the way home, via the Sidewalk, we came across these beautiful flowers.

2022 10 20 09.50.05

Daisy and Abby have become best friends

Abby Daisy

and Abby’s become a sock thief! She steals them out of the laundry basket and trots outside with them, looking very pleased with herself in the process.

I came across this aerial view of Placencia which I though was pretty cool.

Placencia 1

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