Interesting Things We See Around Placencia

Last week, we went to Hobbs Brew Barge restaurant near the Placencia airport to watch our friend and his band play. We got a lift with our friends on their golf cart which bumped and bounced along the road and backfired whenever we slowed down for one of the many huge humps here. 🤣

Hobbs Brew Barge restaurant is indeed on a barge and has expansive dining and entertainment areas, and a bar with all of Hobbs craft beers on draft.  Draft beer is a big deal in Belize- a rarity, a special treat!  There was even a cigar lounge and gift shop.

2022 07 12 16.53.34
2022 07 12 17.33.58

The music was great and it was nice to be able to support our friends.

2022 07 12 17.33.50

We bought groceries! I know, I know, you’re thinking that that’s a normal occurrence – and it is, but up until now we’ve been shopping for food every few days and mostly trying out the local cuisine. Our pantry and fridge was looking very sad indeed. Despite the humidity, I miss cooking, and so we bought lots of fruit and vegetables at the local vegetable stall, stopped for gelato at Tutti Frutti’s to cool down (that’s my excuse), and then headed to the grocery store to stock up on some staples. So now we’re officially ‘settled in.’

We splashed out and bought the good coffee from Guatemala. It makes such a difference! My morning coffee was a pleasure this morning

2022 07 16 05.47.54

Every time we walk around Placencia, which is often, we see something different – like this phone booth that I must have passed at least 10 times before noticing it.

2022 07 14 15.06.34

I didn’t know they still had these anymore and I’m not sure if it even works.

Also passed the local dentist – I just love the name!

tootfairy dental

I’m thinking they might live here

2022 07 11 12.53.40

And these pretty conch shells someone had made into a lovely border.

conch shells

Just in case you lose your way, you can check the distances here.

2022 07 11 12.53.14

And let’s not leave out the big adirondack chair at the Pointe.

big chair

This weekend past was the Placencia Lobsterfest, which you can read about here. Afterwards, we stopped in at the Picked Parrot and met a lovely couple who have an off-grid home near San Iganacio. They were selling these avocadoes and I bought four (love avocadoes).


I’ve never seen avocadoes this shape before, but they taste the same as any other avocado.

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