More Interesting Things We See Around Placencia & a New Bar/Restaurant

Every time we walk around Placencia, there’s something new and interesting to see, and this weekend was no exception.

On the way home from supper on Friday night, we spotted this sign.


The next day, we walked along the Placencia sidewalk to look for a birthday present for my daughter. After finding what we wanted from one of the many local artists here, we walked up to the pointe and sat by the beach to cool down. The breeze was lovely and so we lingered to watch the fishing boats come and go. It was then that I spotted it – Captain Jack Sparrow’s boat! 🤣

black pearl

Back in the village, we saw the Big Titty Rum scooter

big titty rum bike

This little bike scoots around the village all day long.

And then we veered off from the main road and came across this


No, it’s not a snake or somebody’s lost piece of rope. It’s a speed hump! 🙂

A little further along – this colourful fence

school fence

which surrounds a school

Pretty shutters on a vacation home

Pretty shutters

and a swing chair under the trees

swing chair

For a few weeks now, we’ve been watching with interest, the remodelling of a new bar/restaurant on the main street called Strange Brew, and it finally opened last week. So we popped in on Friday at around lunch time to cool off. It’s very conveniently located between the supermarket we shop at, and our house.

strange brew

Beautiful open sides to let in the breeze, and hand-made furniture

This is a great spot to people watch (my favourite thing to do)

strange brew1

The bar tender, a lovely lady by the name of Shondeen, handed me some napkins to wipe my face (very humid at this time of the day), and poured me a very cold drink. I love her already.

strange brew5

If we were to stay longer, we could have played some dominoes while we were there.

strange brew4

That evening we walked by again after supper (what can I say – it’s on the way home!) and spotted some friends, so we popped in for a few drinks. We met the lovely owners, chatted with our friends, enjoyed the great music – a very pleasant way to spend an evening. They also sell smoothies and cocktails. Next week, I’ll go back and try the food.

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