More Lovely Local Food, Smoothie Bar Gets an Upgrade, and Birthday Mimosas and Wine!

Hello lovely readers. Idyllic September continues. Apart from a few rain storms at night, we’ve had picture perfect weather and every day is spent at the beach or in the pool. With 16 miles of sandy beach, it’s easy to find a spot that’s less crowded.

beach cooler

Abby loves the beach and races around with her playmates every morning on our walks. When she not doing that, she spends her time playing with her toys, trying to make friends with the cat, or just contemplating life in the Caribbean.

Lucy, on the other hand, is highly unamused at having a new kitten in the house, and has spent the last few days staring at it from the top of the kitchen cabinets.

The Main Squeeze, (The Shak’s little sister) a little smoothie shop close to where we live, has extended their little booth to include a lovely sitting area. They’ve painted a beautiful butterfly mural on the wall and added a lovely fabric ceiling filled with sunflowers. I can’t wait to spend some time here.


2022 09 18 07.54.03

Always eager to try local cuisine, we stopped in at Placencia Cool Spot the other day. It used to be Karel’s Cool Spot until he changed the name.

I had a really good lunch – stew pork, stew beans and rice and salad accompanied by a glass (or two) of beer. Flavourful and delicious.

They make lots of assorted dishes and are open for lunch and supper.

Saturday was my birthday and we started off the weekend with drinks and live music at Strange Brew on Friday night. The next morning saw us back at the same spot again, along with the rest of the usual suspects, for a breakfast of Belgian waffles and mimosas.

breakfast waffles slide

But the main event (sorry, Strange Brew) was charcuterie and wine (lots of wine) at a lovely little bar called The Little Wine Bar.

wine bar3

Our lovely hostess served us charcuterie and wine

wine bar2

And we ate and drank and talked and ate some more and drank some more and talked some more. Afterwards, we poured ourselves another glass of wine and moved to the outdoor area where we could hear and see the village of Placencia come alive with music and dancing, people hanging out and laughing and having fun.

wine bar outside

It was a magical evening and one I won’t forget.

The next day saw us at Singing Sands Inn at Maya Beach (soon to be renamed Azure Del Mar) for a brunch of eggs benedict and, of course, mimosas.

2022 09 18 10.12.35

Afterwards, a quick dip in their pool


before heading home for a nap!

The festivities continue! Wednesday is Belize’s 41st birthday and it’s Carnival time! After two years of being unable to celebrate, it’s going to be a good one. Decorations are already going up all over the village.

bank decorations

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