Never In My Wildest Dreams – Hurricane Julia

How is it October already? This is the question we really want to be answered because last we checked it was still March!

October started off quiet. On one of our walks we spotted this beautiful blue heron basking in the early morning sun

2022 10 03 08.50.58

Abby spent her time beachcombing,

Abby beachcombing

finding large blocks of wood to chew on.

2022 10 03 06.41.13

and solidifying her friendship with Daisy, our kitten.

We had a couple of grey days and the frogs moved in – the second image is the inside of my washing machine.

Do you ever have one of those “never-in-my-wildest-dreams” moments? I’m sure we’ve all these moments at some stage of our lives. This week, mine was – never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be hurricane shopping. But when a tropical depression became Hurricane Julia on Friday and it looked like it was heading for us, I (and many other people in Placencia) made a beeline for the supermarket to stock up on canned foods, water, flashlights, candles, pet food and more. My neighbours and I concocted a hurricane plan, and then we watched and waited as Julia inched towards Nicaragua.

In the meantime, we celebrated a birthday – my friend and neighbour – and carried on as if nothing was happening.

2022 10 06 20.07.17

On Saturday she changed direction and it looked like she would miss us. Hurricane warnings changed to flood warnings and by Sunday, we were experiencing storms – thunder and lightening and rain – lots and lots of rain. Before long, everything was flooded.

Nothing much to do except nap

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