(No) Hurricane Lisa, a Walk Around the Pointe and a lovely new coffee/ice cream shop

Hurricane Lisa turned out to be much ado about nothing – at least in our part of Belize. At the last minute she turned northwards and missed Placencia completely.

We sat upstairs in our neighbour’s apartment with our animals, suitcases, food, etc. and when we learned that Lisa has made landfall, we prepared ourselves for lots of rain, flooding, thunderstorms and the like. We got about 20 minutes of rain and thought to ourselves, “here we go!” Candles and flashlights at the ready, we waited for the power to go out. Then the rain stopped and it became very calm – not a breeze, nothing. After about 2 hours, we packed up and went back to our respective homes. All the same, we were put under curfew from dusk to dawn until the all clear was given.

Belize City was not so lucky. The storm had winds gusting as much as 92 miles per hour and maximum sustained winds of 85 miles per hour at landfall causing damage to several properties.

Before long, everything was back to normal and we were, once again, relaxing on the beach

2022 10 23 13.58.26

Somewhere between 7:30 am on Saturday and 7:00 am on Sunday, someone carved a bench out of this log for us all to sit on and enjoy!

And I spotted these bird prints – more than likely the lovely heron that I spotted a few weeks ago.

bird prints

We’ve been up and down the sidewalk many times, but we’ve never really explored the beach in the north end of Placencia village, and so we decided to do just that.

The pointe is a cool area and is where many festivities throughout the the year take place. Lobsterfest, being one of them – you can read about that in this post. It’s where all the cool coffee shops and wine and rum bars are. You can sit at the pier and people watch,


or watch the boats coming and going.

It looks like Captain Sparrow moored his boat here.

Once on the beach, we headed south and spotted more places to sit and watch the world go by.


And then we came across this HUGE beach chair – a good Instagram moment.

placencia adirondak chair

Around the tip of the peninsula – a beautiful swatch of beach

placencia beach

to Tradewinds Cabanas – so pretty

point canabas pinterest size

tradewinds cabanas placencia


We’ve been watching with great anticipation, a new coffee/ice cream shop being built down our end of the village, and it opened it’s doors over the weekend. Today, I went to see what it’s all about.


Beautiful outdoor area

We were greeted by friendly and efficient staff

2022 11 16 11.40.36

They had a nice assortment of ice cream, that came in both cones and cups.

Various types of coffees and frappaccinos

delicious-looking treats and more


The decor was beautiful, with many different types of seating to suit everyone

2022 11 16 11.39.31

2022 11 16 11.39.50

2022 11 16 11.39.56

and there was even a meeting room

2022 11 16 11.41.04

Of course, I had to have the chocolate ice cream and my friend had an iced coffee with oat milk.

2022 11 16 11.42.33

A lovely place to spend a few hours. I’m told alcohol will be coming soon. It’ll be lovely to sit on the patio and enjoy a glass of wine.


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