Shopping Placencia-Style & A Taco-Eating Contest Fundraiser

As we start to get to know people, we’ve begun to learn that there are certain things that work very differently here than most of the rest of the world. One of those things is how they shop here. In the “first world,” you simply walk into the supermarket and pick out what you want from the beautiful display of produce, meat, dairy and baked goods. Here – not so much.

There are several supermarkets here which stock most of the things that we need, but the meat looks like it’s been thawed and refrozen a few times – not very appetizing – and the produce frequently looks a little, er, tired And so, a lot people buy those kinds of things from other sources.

There are several meat shops/farms around Belize who deliver meat and dairy to your doorstep once a week. A company in San Ignacio was recommended to me by the name of Ko-Ox-Han-Nah. They have a restaurant and a meat shop. So I emailed them to send me their price list. I learned that they butcher all their meats right there, and their sausages, bacon, and ham are all made at the meat shop. They raise their own lamb along with free range broiler and layer chickens and provide a supplemental ration that is hormone & antibiotic free. What’s not to love? I placed my order, including some lovely bones for Abby and some butter for me. Delivery is next Thursday and I can’t wait!


There are 2 or 3 fresh fruit and vegetable shops around Placencia, which I frequent at least twice a week. Beautiful, juicy pineapples, papaya, mangoes and more, and fresh vegetables and herbs.


And then there’s fresh juice from Dale the juiceman, who rides around the village with a cooler full of delicious fresh juices, doggy treats from Bella’s Barkibles, coffee from Above Grounds Coffee Shop and so many more home made goodies. Most of it is word of mouth, so we always keep our ears open for the best places to buy delicious food.

On Friday night we attended a fundraiser at a restaurant called The Flying Pig Sports Bar & Grill. It was a taco-eating contest to raise money for school supplies for the local children.

We arrived at about 5pm and the place was already packed.

Donations could be made in cash or in school supplies and there was a table set up for that

FP school suppllies

The contestants lined up and were given their tacos – they each had to eat 10 tacos and a serving of rice and beans.

While they were “prepping” their food, the owner explained the rules

FP rules

And then the eating began. It looked pretty promising in the beginning with all the contestants shoveling food into their mouths with their fingers as fast they possibly could

with someone checking to make sure the rules were being followed (or maybe he’s asking someone if they need a bucket?)

FP checking food

And then they needed some extra help in the form of water to help wash it all down

Before long, a number of contestants started slowing down a little and a lot of head-shaking was going on.

And then before you knew it, we had a winner! He made it look so easy.

It was fun to watch, but I don’t think I could ever compete in a food-eating contest.


Friday nights is also karaoke night and we stayed for that and even sang a couple of songs. It was great fun and there we no bad singers at all. It seems we have quite a lot of talent in this village.

Our lovely rescue dog, Abby, continues to grow in confidence by the day. She loves the beach and has even found a little beach buddy to play with.

Abby Oreo Aug 2022

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