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Placencia has so much to do. So many restaurants, beach bars, snorkel sites, dive shops and more.  But packing for your trip to Belize should be very simple. 

Belize is HOT. And humid. I confess that I wasn’t prepared for the humidity and definitely did NOT pack accordingly. You want to stay cool and comfortable and you don’t want to be running around town searching for something you forgot (it’s too hot for that and a waste of your precious vacation time.

Before I begin, please send me any suggestions, additions or must try products – I LOVE to hear about new stuff.  AND, I’ve added in Amazon Affiliate Links for things that I love that are easily purchased on Amazon. Trying out new things to keep myself out of the poor house 🙂

I am writing from MY personal experience. I would sooner be caught dead in convertible pants – the ones that zip from long pants to shorts – but for those spending the day on the water flyfishing, they can be lifesavers!  So use this just as a guideline.

Luggage & Packing


Everything Else

beach packing

Step 1 of any adventure is having a great bag and
knowing how to pack it

The temperature in Belize is warm to hot.  It’s one thing you can pretty much count on. Shorts, skirts and/or summer dresses are pretty much everyday wear here along with flip flops and/or sandals.

NOT NEEDED: Heels of any kind…seriously.  It’s really hard to walk on a beach or a cobble stone road in them.  Belize just isn’t dressy.