Two Awesome Placencia Parades – Firefighters and St. George’s Caye Day

This weekend past, we had two parades back to back – and the best is yet to come! In my previous post I mentioned that September is the most anticipated month of the year and it all started on Friday evening.

Every year, our volunteer firefighters have their annual barbecue and a parade afterwards. A crowd of us gathered at Strange Brew and cheered them on as they made their way through the village.

Sometime during the evening, William the Plastic Man and his wife joined us and I asked him to make me a bracelet sometime over the next few days. William makes all kinds of things out of plastic.

william and wife

He sat down next to me and started making it there and then.

I love it!

The next day at about 10:00 am, the same crowd were back to celebrate The Battle of St. George’s Caye (pronounced key) Day.

decorations at strange brew

It was almost like we’d never left! This time, we adorned ourselves with temporary tattoos

and took our places on our bar stools

Our lovely bartender, Shadeen, was in attendance. Rum and Coke was on special for $3.00 Bzd each! How could I resist!

10th shadeen

The bar was decorated with beads and there was a singer playing the blues in the background

We were ready WELL ahead of time because as you may have heard, things in Belize never start on time. We didn’t mind at all as it gave us a chance to chat to our neighbours and tourists alike, and imbibe in the rum and coke, as if we needed an excuse!

First up, two Policemen in motorbikes leading the way and making sure the road was clear. We could hear the sirens, honking horns and music way before we could see them.

10th parade bikes

At last the rest of the parade came into view.

10th parade2

Our beautiful newly-crowned Queen of the Bay and her entourage doing their best queen’s wave

Followed by brightly decorated trucks and cars

and people following behind them waving their Belizean flags and dancing to the music

The parade meandered through the village and then turned around and came back.

10th parade back

Down by the Pointe, more festivities. Food and music

10th pointe

and games

10th games

A very good day was had by all. After a morning of drinking, I went home for an afternoon nap!

On the 21st, a spectacular carnival with the celebration of Belize’s indepedence.

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