Where Has the Year Gone? And A New Puppy to Love!

I can not believe that it’s almost the end of August, 2022 already. It seems like we’ve just started and yet, so much has happened in the first half of this year. In April, we packed up our 2 cats and travelled to Gran Canaria where my son is living. The plan was to start a business and settle there but, alas, things didn’t pan out as planned (see my post about this here) and so we flew (with our 2 cats) to Belize. So much in such a short space of time.

Quite a few restaurants have closed until about November as it’s the low season here and not many tourists. Two of my favourites are the gelato shop, Tutti Fruttis – they make the most delicious gelato I’ve ever tasted. Well, on par with the gelato we used to frequently have in Gran Canaria every time we went to Puero Rico (which was a lot). The other one is De Tatch. It’s my favourite place to go for breakfast – eggs, beans and fry jacks. Yumm. Fortunately, there are still a few restaurants open for breakfast – The Shak, being one of them, but it’s a bit further for me to walk. My go-to is still Mim’s for Johnny Cakes.

Another big storm last week with loud claps of thunder and lightning that lit up the sky and, of course, lots of rain. My cat, Maggie, spent the night under the bed and Lucy sat by the window and watched in fascination.


We have a new member of the family! Meet our new puppy, Abby.

2022 08 19 15.24.37

Abby, her 7 siblings and her mother were found dumped in the middle of the road in a terrible state – mange, tick fever. One of the puppies had already passed away and another 3 a few days later. Her amazing foster parents nursed the remaining 4 back to health. When I saw that sweet face, I knew I had to give her a home. At first she hid under the chair, and then tried to make herself invisible on the couch.


Slowly she started following me everywhere and coming out of her shell. Last night she was clearly relaxing more.

2022 08 21 19.10.21

Today, I realized that I will never shower alone again.

2022 08 22 08.42.06

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  1. Love to hear your stories Jane , so interesting….
    You are so compationate, towards the animals, thank goodness for people like you

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