Why Belize Should Be on Your Bucket List as a Travel Destination

The serene jungles and picturesque coastlines of Belize are closer than you think! Located in the coastal region of Central America, Belize is just a few hours away from most North America cities and offers no shortage of excursions, restaurants, spas, and more. We’re breaking down why this affordable travel destination rich with culture, hospitality, and insta-worthy scenery needs to be on the top of your travel list! 


Stunning Stays

There is not shortage of accommodation in Belize ranging from rustic homestays to luxury lodges and everything in between of your choice. Prices also vary greatly, which is why it’s always best to find your perfect fit at a site like Booking.com.


Hidden in the secluded jungles of San Ignacio, Ka’ana Resport and Spa offers a relaxing stay equipped with an infinity pool, on-site yoga, and a luxury spa. Every room is unique; some include a screen porch and hammock, while others feature an outdoor shower and tub. Plus, the resort maintains a large organic garden and chicken coop where your food is freshly harvested daily. Before you leave, don’t forget to book an authentic Mayan Cooking Class.

For the beach-lovers, head to Placencia and book a stay at one of the many hotels, cabanas or hostels. With 16 miles of sandy beaches, you’ll find a perfect spot to relax and enjoy.


Tours and Excursions

Home to the second largest barrier reef in the world, Belize is a dream location for divers, snorkelers, and ocean enthusiasts!

water tours

Alternatively, if you want to immerse yourself in history, you won’t have to look far as Belize has more than 600 Mayan sites and counting. There is no shortage of archaeological locations to explore, from sacred temples and ceremonial pyramids to ancient water reservoirs.

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Flavourful Finds

Calling all chocolate lovers! Belize has a long history of cacao production and is known for making some of the best chocolate in the world today. Choose one of their many chocolate-tasting tour options for a special local experience. After satisfying your sweet tooth, you’ll want to make room for all the exceptional food Belize has to offer. Take a look our guide to local food in Placencia.

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Location, Location, Location

Belize is not only an attractive vacation spot because of its breathtaking countryside stunning beaches, but it’s also easy to get to. Belize is the only Central American Country where English is the official language and, f that doesn’t make things simple enough, the US Dollar is accepted everywhere and is valued at twice the Belize dollar! Travel times from the US and Canada are surprisingly short on average, and there are many