Wine Tasting at Bodega De Las Tirajanas

Hello lovely readers. In my last post, I mentioned that we had gone in search of a winery in San Bartolome de Tirajanas, with no luck.

So we headed home and Michael did some more research, only to discover that we’d passed the winery several times in our travels! Uuggh. Back we went the next day and, nestled down a little dirt road in San Bartolome de Tirajanas, was the winery we’d been looking for.

All the wineries here are called Bodegas, and Bodega de las Tirajanas was underground. Perfect for wine making.

san bartomolome winery

We entered the cool and inviting exterior and were greeted by one of the owners. She explained that we could either do the tour, or simply sit at one of the tables and taste some of the wines of our choice.

san bartolome winery4

Since we were short on time, we opted to just try some of the wines that piqued our interest. I chose a semi-sweet white wine and Michael chose a red. We were shown to a table in the tasting area

san bartolome winery2

Where one of the owners poured our wines

san bartolome winery3

If we had done the tour, we would have been provided with various cheeses, oil and bread, but these two wines were good enough for us. They were both delicious. While we were there, we took in our surroundings. All the barrels of wine were in this area interspersed with tables for people to sit and taste the wines.

san bartolome winery1

There was a air of relaxation here, as is the case with everywhere you go in Gran Canaria. You can just feel the stress melting away.

Of course, we had to buy the wines we tasted

san bartolome wine

Which were packaged in this lovely box

san bartolome wine2

Definitely a place to bring our guests – and ourselves!

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